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  • Note #149
    Now, as the deadline for my #bachelor thesis is approaching the Internet connection got so slow that I cannot work on my server anymore. Yays. Fortuna
  • Note #124
    Thinking about ways to add markup to my notes without making the system any more complicated. At the moment, links are automatically detected and then
  • Note #102
    #Citationstyles have been integrated with projects on #Aklaman now, too. http://jrenslin.de/cont/screenshots/Aklaman/Screenshot-Aklaman-Citationstyles
  • Note #100
    Alright, integration with #Aklaman works for notes in #JACMS now. :)
  • Note #83
    And a little site I did for #how-tos. From my experience, people don't tend to read a usual documentation anyway - so I chose to do it in a presentati
  • Note #81
    The tool I developed for literature #research now has a name #Aklaman . Since today, it also features a rough integration of #citationstyles ( http://

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