Islam Bergerak

An Exploration

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What is Islam Bergerak

Islam Bergerak

Moving Islam or Islam in Motion

A text-based online publication

Available at

A Problem

There is no "about us" page

On Facebook

Self-description on Facebook: Media pembangunan gerakan sosial Islam yang membebaskan

What to do?

  • Scrap the page
  • Do some statistical analysis

Some basic data first

147 articles since

Steady number of articles per year


Articles rarely discuss the news...

Some do. And if they do, they put them into context primarily.

Articles released per month

Uneven distribution, but cannot be explained by particular events.

A Magazine?

66 different authors

  • Angga Yudhi: 3
  • Daniel Sihombing: 3
  • Irza A. Syaddad: 3
  • Syarif Arifin: 3
  • Muhammad Azka Fahriza: 5
  • Muhammad Nashirulhaq: 6
  • Rizki Amalia Affiat: 8
  • Roy Murtadho: 9
  • Muhammad Al-Fayyadl: 12
9 have written more than 2 articles (27 attributed to redaction)

Word Count (in Steps of 500s)

Total 147 articles; Average word count: 2029

For comparison: Dissent Magazine online articles

Online articles section only.
Total 855 articles; Average word count: 1769.81

What is it about?

A wordcloud of common words in Islam Bergerak articles

Common Issues and Common Traits

  • Offering alternative readings of Islam
  • Workers' rights
  • Human rights (e.g. massacres of 1965/66)

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