Blog Konferensi Asia-Afrika 2015

Konferensi Asia-Afrika 2015

Selected links from int'l media about the Asian-African Conference 2015 in Bandung

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In 1955, the Asia-African Conference in Bandung took place. This conference was not only important for many anti-colonial liberation movements, but it also helped to constitute the "third world" as a self-confident part of the world.

This year, an anniversary event with over 70 countries represented in some form was held. I had the task to collect some links from news websites on this topic.

The articles can be roughly categorized into three groups: those reminding of the original conference and referring mostly to that; those published immediately before the conference and those about the events at the conference. It is especially notable how media from different countries are framing the event in their own ways, often at least hinting at how (official) history is determined by the context it is presented in. Find the list below.

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