31.5 Euro for DRM

Find a book on Amazon and then find its open access version...

Some days ago I was looking through Amazon for some new books to buy. Eventually I ended up at this book's page: Reading Contemporary Indonesian Muslim Women Writers : Representation, Identity and Religion of Muslim Women in Indonesian Fiction. I was considering to buy it, but finally decided not to because of the high price of 42 Euro (even if that is not extremely high if compared to non-university academic publishers).

Most fortunately I recognized the cover layout eventually and remembered what good I connected the Amsterdam University Press with. Turns out, I remembered correctly and many of its books, including my current object of desire, are published in open access. You can find the book here as an open access E-book.

Now, as I still had the Amazon tab I went back to it to close it. On the go I noticed that there is a Kindle version available, quite hilariously so, given that the book is available in OA. What's worse is that the Kindle version costs 31.50 Euro.

I assume that the Terms of Service of Amazon do not permit a publisher to add a link to an open access version. That sure is bad, but oh well. But demanding 31.5 Euro for the DRM-contaminated version of an E-book otherwise available in open access is indeed quite hilarious, I might say.

Finally, it is important to again emphasize that it is great to put your books online in OA as a publisher or researcher. It is a great chance for poor students (like me), and, obviously, even way more so for interested people from poorer backgrounds and countries.

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