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Yays! The new site design is up.

I finally managed to redesign this website.


Apparently, I had this website online for quite some time, but in a rather ugly and unpractical form. After finally getting back a bit to coding when working on, I felt motivated again to rework my website. Unfortunately, I just haven't had the time to add many of the features I plan to add to this website yet.

Whereas I added a bibliography function based on my personal bibliographical database, I haven't yet come around to do other essential functions such as a function to retrieve information for the tag pages (as an example, see the page for "Coding") from dbpedia.

Anyway, I think even without those functions, the new design should be quite nice, and I might update the site much more frequently now, as the updating process is much more convenient now, thanks to a new backend and some new functions for working with this site.

Update (): As you can probably tell from looking at the other pages on here, I changed the design after this post. After reading this, I decided that I want to implement a similar function. So, here we go: this post should carry the old design.
Custom designs are not yet supported in the backend, but need to be written in the XML that is used to store posts directly. Maybe (that's a big maybe though) I will add a field for this later.