A selection of presentations I gave. The slides for these and other presentations can be found in the files subpage of this website, mostly in the folders for presentations and university-related files.

Museum-Digital: Remote Blossoms of a Flower

Presentation on the public API of museum-digital and the 'themator'. Held at the MúzeumDigitár Workshop 2017.


Surabaya: From 1830 into the 20th Century

Presentation on the history of 19th century Surabaya. Prepared for the course Classical Javanese II. My notes for this presentation can be found on the blog.

Frankfurt am Main

But We're Professionals

Presentation for the Second Student Southeast Asia Conference. I discussed Filipino teachers in Urban Indonesia as compared to other Filipino migrant groups.

Frankfurt am Main

Agrarian Unrest and Millenarian Motions in Java (1800-1910)

Presentation on Agrarian Unrest and Millenarian Motions in Java in and around the 19th century.

Frankfurt am Main

Islam Bergerak: An Exploration

Presentation on the website Islam Bergerak, a web magazine on progressive Islam.

Frankfurt am Main

Portrayal of Transnational Migration in Filipino-American Hip-Hop Music (1)

Presentation on migration and transnationalism as themes in Filipino-American hip-hop music (Winter Semester 2016/17). Describes on-going work and focuses as much on the context as on the music itself.

Frankfurt am Main

Panji, benda-benda budaya dan digitalisasi

Sebuah presentasi tentang kemungkinan digitalisasi benda dan manfaatnya untuk revitalisasi Budaya Panji.

Trawas, Jawa Timur