2018-05-04 A List of Projects Bringing Digitized Objects Online
2017-10-29 Commons-Based Peer Production and the New Right
2017-05-27 Museum-Digital im neuen Gewand
2017-04-24 "But We're Professionals"
2017-02-07 Islam Bergerak: An Exploration
2016-11-22 A Content Management System for Conference Websites and an International Workshop
2016-09-03 To Have a Backend or Not
2016-06-09 New(?) Media and the Presentation of Knowledge
2015-11-16 The WWW Was Invented 20 years Ago
2015-08-06 Small PHP Reader for mIRC logs
2015-07-08 Playfulness and New Functions
2015-07-06 Renungan dan perubahan: dan Museum-Digital Indonesia
2015-06-17 Elektronische Artikel, was?
2015-04-24 31.5 Euro for DRM
2014-12-12 Yays! The new site design is up.