2018-07-01 md:cms - Erste Schritte
2017-11-27 museum-digital und die Tastatur
2017-11-04 My Current Setup for University-Related Matters
2017-10-16 Learning Go
2017-05-27 Museum-Digital im neuen Gewand
2017-04-24 "But We're Professionals"
2017-02-04 Looking into Automatized Transkription and Transliteration for Aksara Jawa
2017-01-17 Improved Statistics and Presentations on my Homepage
2016-12-16 Image Posts and "Currently Listening" Notes
2016-11-22 A Content Management System for Conference Websites and an International Workshop
2016-10-18 Überarbeitetes Themenmodul bei Museum-Digital
2016-10-11 Changes on My Homepage
2016-08-06 Synchronizing Things in a Decentralized Manner, Still Enjoying Life
2016-07-21 On Simplicity
2016-01-20 Let’s Use the Advantage of the Masses!
2015-08-26 A Tiny Renaming Script
2015-08-06 Small PHP Reader for mIRC logs
2015-07-08 Playfulness and New Functions
2015-04-24 31.5 Euro for DRM
2015-04-12 Making a (More or Less) Functional Linux PC from a Buffalo LS-WX2.0TL/R1
2014-12-12 Yays! The new site design is up.